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Cassie Dieker

Cassie Dieker, 7 days ago

Here is the link for the form for summer meals for this week, June 14 - 18.

Cassie Dieker

Cassie Dieker, 15 days ago

Here is the form for summer meals for the week of June 7-11!

Cassie Dieker

Cassie Dieker, 23 days ago

Families! We will be serving grab and go meals over the month of June. Meals will be available to all children ages 1-18. Please fill out the form below to reserve meals. see pic

Michael Argabright

Michael Argabright, 26 days ago

Faculty, Staff, & Patrons of USD 252 Thank you for completing a full and challenging year! We appreciate all of you! I want to fill you in on information regarding my assistance at Madison next year. School districts are required to employ a district level licensed Superintendent. Madison is transitioning Stephen Jowers into the Superintendent position, but Stephen does not currently hold a district level license. To receive a professional license at the district level, a person must hold a district level position for a year (practicum/internship) prior to being issued a professional license. I will fill the role as an interim/mentor and be present for Board meetings at Madison. Stephen will run the day to day business at Madison. If I need to go to Madison during a school day, Madison will pay related expenses to USD 252. I plan to be present at USD 252 next year, while supporting Mr. Jowers with his new responsibilities. In our district, Mr. Clark is also working on his district level license and is required to have a district level position for a school calendar year. I will support and encourage Mr. Clark to finish his district level license. If anyone in our district is looking at building or district level leadership opportunities/additional licensure areas, please let me know. Our pool of applicants at all levels across the state continues to be smaller. We need good people leading our buildings and school districts! Thank you - Have a great day/summer! Dr. Argabright

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