survey chart

Now a full three weeks into our new school experience, daily routines are beginning to take root and our students and staff are doing amazing things during this time.


Parents – thank you for taking the time to fill out our continuous learning survey this last week. Your feedback is appreciated and we value your input. Thank you to all of you who provided words of affirmation and support of our efforts. All in all the feedback was overwhelmingly supportive of the district’s approach to continuous learning. This is a testament to how much our staff, parents, and students work together in this district.


Over the last few days we have spent several hours diving into the data to help guide us in providing a better continuous learning product. In addition to the parent survey, we received feedback from a student and staff survey as well.


One specific area that was brought to light was a large number of requests to stagger the elementary meeting times. In response, we revised the elementary morning schedule which will start on Monday. Having staggered classes alleviates some internet issues by having fewer students on at one time and allows parents or caregivers with multiple children to assist during each child’s class session if they are available.


At the secondary level, we received mixed feedback from parents, students and staff on the 30-minute break between each class. Each group was split on this issue with no overwhelming data to suggest a change was warranted. As a result, the current structure will remain in place until the end of the school year.


Most all other feedback received advised us to stay the course. After reading through all of the comments from the surveys, we discovered a few pockets of concerns and will be making adjustments as necessary.


One adjustment that Hartford and Neosho Rapids will be making as a result of your input is that in addition to posting information on social media, we will also send information via e-mail, as several parents requested additional ways of communication.


As the weather improves in the days and weeks ahead, continue to encourage your child to remain engaged in their learning. Regularly attending class and completing assignments in a timely manner, provides structure and stability and instills accountability and responsibility in your child.  Our teachers continue to be excited to meet with their students each week and are available to support your child throughout each day.


The stay-at-home order has created challenges for many of our families. We have access to many emotional support resources to help you, your child and your family if needed. Please let us know if we can help.


Our staff continues to provide breakfast and lunch for students with our Grab ‘n Go curbside pickup from 11:00-12:30 each day. To sign up, please complete the survey that is available on our website or through your email. Delivery is available to those families that cannot pickup.


We again want to thank our board of education, staff, parents, and students for supporting continuous learning in our district. You all contribute to the success of Jaguar  Country! If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me at #itsagreatdaytobeajaguar