Counselor Connection


My name is Bethany Thomas and I am so excited to be the school counselor at Neosho Rapids Elementary!

As a school counselor, I am able to help with the following:

  • Helping to create a safe and positive learning experience
  • Helping students to recognize and make the best of their abilities
  • Providing support during a personal crisis
  • Working with students, parents, and school staff to enhance student success
  • Assist students in learning how school performance relates to future oppotunities
  • Promoting positive attitudes among students towards self, family, peers, and community
  • Character Education
  • Bigs in Schools program by Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Flinthills

I will be providing the following services during the 2018- 2019 school year:

  • Individual Counseling
    • One- on- one counseling based upon teacher, parent, or self- referrals.
  • Small Group Counseling
    • Small groups of children (typically 4-5). These children are chosen to be part of a group depending on the topic. Students may sign up for a specific group, teachers or parents may refer, or students could be chosen by the counselor. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following
      • Study skills
      • New students
      • Bullying
      • Social skills
      • Friendship
      • Divorce
      • Anger Management
    • Typically, groups meet over the lunch/ recess hour, once a week, for a certain period of time. Students do not miss any instructions time during our meetings. Parents will be informed when their child is being asked to participate in a group via a parent permission letter and/or a phone call from the counselor.
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons
    • Classroom guidance is an integral part of the School Counseling program at Neosho Rapids Elementary. Classroom lessons focus on topis dealing with personal or social, emotional, career, and academic matters. Lessons support the building- wide character educaiton program and encourage positive core values and traits.