Hello, Hartford Jr. and Sr. High students and parents!

My name is Bethany Thomas and the 2018- 2019 school year will be my third year as a school counselor. I am so excited to be continuing to work in this school district.

As a school counelor, I am able to help with the following:

  • Helping to create a safe and positive learning experience
  • Develop student career awareness
  • Helping students to recognize and make the best of their abilities
  • Support during a personal crisis
  • Working with students, parents, and school staff to enhance student success
  • Assist students in learning how school performance relates to future oppotunities
  • Promoting positive attitudes among students towards self, family, peers, and community
  • Individual counsleing and Group counseling
  • Bigs in Schools Program by Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Flint Hills

Financial Aid Tools, Resources, and Guides

Within this page the following resources are included by direct links:

  • Popular Financial Aid Courses
  • Popular Financial Aid Calculator Tools
  • Important Statistics and Data
  • Our Original Studies and Reports
  • And even a few other random fun articles!


Additional Resource: Guide to Paying for College


College Visits

Juniors and Seniors

Attention Juniors and Seniors: You are allowed 6 excused absences for college visits. You are to use them for the purpose of determining future academic endeavors. ALL college visits must be scheduled through the Counselor PRIOR to the visit in order to be an excused absence. I am encouraging each student to schedule at least 1 college visit each semester. You must complete the following to receive an excused absence for the day of your visit:

  1. Complete a campus visit form and return it to the Counselor’s Office PRIOR to your visit.
  2. Within two school days of your completed visit, you need to bring in “proof” of your visit. This can be an agenda, a business card from a college admissions counselor, etc.

Campus Visit The best way to find out if the college is a “good fit” for you is to schedule a visit!

**Campus Visit Permission Forms are available in the Counselor’s Office or Online**

Download the Form Now CollegeVisitForm-2.pdf

Kansas State Scholars

The Kansas Board of Regents

The Kansas State Scholarship is designed to assist financially needy students in the top 20-40% of Kansas high school graduates who are designated as state scholars during the senior year of high school. Completion of the Kansas Scholars Curriculum is one component of the scholarship requirements.

State universities in Kansas follow Qualified Admissions (QA) criteria when admitting undergraduate students. These criteria are set by the Kansas Board of Regents, the governing body for the six state universities. The purpose of QA is to enhance success at the university level by ensuring students are prepared for the rigors of a university education. The institutions that use QA for admission are: Emporia State University, Fort Hays State University, Kansas State University, Pittsburg State University, University of Kansas, and Wichita State University.